Checking Your Airtime Balance

Alejandro Rosiles -

Care Wireless gives you 3 easy ways for you to check your balance:

  1. Send a text message to 7801 with the word "BAL".  This is a free text message that will send you your current airtime balance.
  2. Create an online account.  Visit from your PC and set up your online account, and you'll always be able check your usage and your balance.
  3. Dial "611" from your Care Wireless phone. This is a free call to Care Wireless.
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    John Foster Jr.

    my airtime balance

  • Avatar
    Brianna Smith

    what if my account is Suspended

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    I cannot retrieve my balance for my phone. I have not received my new phone with the extra 100 minutes and when I try to retrieve my balance, I put in the text area 9080 like as I have done previously it comes back that it's the wrong text. What is going on with this phone and where is my new phone with my new number, I am told now that I do not have an account and I have used this number for the past 2 years.

    872 232 1215

    Patricia Simmons

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    Why can't I send picture mgs?

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    Ricky Broaden

    Why can't I get technical support like I need it. I'm on the phone now going on a hour. And this internet is a joke.

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    michael mitchell

    I was to have a new phone shipped to me about a week or so ago. The status check indicates it has shipped, but I have not swa it yet, I know that from where you guys are located dit should only takee a few days for me to get it.

    Where is it?

    Michael Mitchell

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    Rosemary Phillips

    where do you check your usage and balance on the care wireless website? Also, do I have to do something special to activate my new phone? It came with zero instructions...except the piece of paper that says "your care wireless number will transfer to this new phone in 2 business days" it's been 2 weeks, the phone don't seem to be activated? I get a busy signal when I call it from another phone.

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    my phone still says invalid sim card its been 3 weeks where do I go on line to get help

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    carol bryant

    I too have not been able to get any of my airtime minutes and they are suppose to come on the 1st of every month please check into this for me because I need these minutes.

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